As the summer is approaching what's better than a beach vacation to chill, relax and have never ending fun!  

The long stretches of trees, sand and sea. Summer can be very dull without the touch of water to it. A family vacation, a honeymoon or just hanging out with your best buddies with a bottle of chilled beer! We have curated the best beaches for every age group whether they want a relaxing vacation or an adventurous one with all the sports that includes water. The beaches have great restaurants for foodies as there will be renowned places for sea food. The summer vacation is all about going of our rigorous schedule and making it even larger. A beach is a perfect place to find peace and thrill all in one. So, what are we waiting for let's dive into the 10 best beaches of the United States that will every traveler should visit once in a lifetime. 


List of Top 10 Beaches in the United States 


Maui is a quite big island. For the travelers of Hawaii, Maui is a bonus point offering a taste of just about everything the Aloha state has to offer, be it wildlife or interesting history and culture. Maui has a lot to offer its visitor than just a regular beach, that’s why it ranks on No.1 on our list. You will get hula dancers, coastal ferries to sail it personally too and golf for the players as they are on a vacation. Maui is not just a beach for the visitors but they can also see World’s largest dormant volcano and you can also discover the former battlegrounds of central Maui and have Maui’s helicopter tour which will show you all the aerial view of the land masses and the water bodies.  



Kauai is a place which is known for its pristine beaches, amazing sunsets and aquamarine sky which gives it all the power of seduction to a traveler. This place has top notch luxury resorts that will add all the elite features and absolute memories worth remembering. This place is a paradise for all the adventure junkies out there and it is advised to keep your hiking boots and a little cash with you too. Not just the beaches but this place is full of natural phenomena that includes beautiful waterfalls, gorgeous mountains and sugarcane fields and last but not the least beachside cliffs which will make your pictures worth a thousand words. This place is best described as ‘Beauty with Drama’ collided. Kauai is also known for its world-famous scuba diving that will be your prized possession after you visit it once. 



Sanibel Island is a low-cost offshore island. This place has a chic vibe which collides with all the boho spirits around the World. An Amazing place to explore restaurants, shops, art galleries, seashells cover and linoleum surface. Sanibel Island is one of the most unique barriers of Islands in the world. This beach has some rules to keep this beach clean there are no pets allowed they should be leashed. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited from November through May. No open fires are allowed. This place is a paradise for bird watchers, shelling and fishing. A lot of people come here for beach weddings or another special event with a beautiful landscape.  



Laguna Beach is what California dreams are made of Lagua Beach is a beach which can’t be explained in words. There is so much more than just good looks to offer in this beach. There are more than 100 public art pieces spread throughout the town. There is deep appreciation for flora and fauna. When you are here already it is advised to indulge in local culture and it will be an experience worth remembering. This place has the best public parks in Southern California. 



Cannon Beach is famous for its beautiful picturesque small-town village by the sea. It is considered as the ‘Best beach in Oregon’ and is one of the World’s most beautiful places. The Beach is named after Naval cannon of 1840s. Cannon Beach is also not a regular beach it is like a Hollywood movie’s opening shot. This is a place where you can sit back and mesmerize the beauty of nature and your life at Cannon beach. This place is worth visiting if you're looking for some place amidst your rushing life then this place is a perfect blend of magical experience. This place inspires a lot of people that have been here, so try your luck! 



As soon a s someone mentions Miami, the first thing that comes into our mind is the Beach as a reflex action to complete the phrase. Miami Beach is a mix of cultures, travelers and mixed residents. There are sparkling waters, white sand, tanned tourists and unstoppable nightlife that even continues till the day. Miami beach is all color and culture studded legendary destination on all the seasons, this place will be full of people whether locals or out siders you can't make any difference between them though. To get the fullest of Miami we would suggest you to book a resort that offers gold standard comfort while you are on this rejuvenating place.  



The Key West is the island city in Florida and is a home to some of the most picturesque beaches in the country. This beach is famous for “Sun and Surf’’. The best part of these beaches is located in Southern Shore, with majority clustered along a stretch of water only, the largest amongst them is ‘Smathers Beach’. Whereas ‘Key Largo’ is known as the prettiest beach of all, this one is a bit rocky and shallow too but the greens and the blues of water are just fabulous and worth all the effort you made till reaching here.  



Cape May is one of the most visited premier summer time destinations for generations now. Cape May is a home to just 3500 residents but welcomes more than 50,000 vacationers every year not from just America but from all the around world. Beaches being this place’s USP there are a lot of things to see and do too. Cape May is home to more than 600 preserved Victorian buildings and collection of quaint BNBs. Cape May has played a major role in defending the country during the World War II and 30% of the population is involved in the armed forces here. You can send your day exploring the wineries or just bird watching and at the night just leave the charm of this place to the coastal escape taking the taste of different kind of nightlife.  



Known as the ‘Sunshine City’, This city holds Guinness World Record for the most consecutive days of sunshine in the world. This city provides a unique blend of traditional beach getaway with an eccentric urban flavor. The spectacular beaches and amazing sunsets are the most beautiful thing here but there are a lot of waterfront parks that invite travelers to enjoy a host of activities including camping, hiking and kayaking. For people who want to explore more of its culture there is the famous ‘Dali Museum’ which the fans of Money Heist would be interested in and ‘Museum of Fine Arts’. Every year there are more than 1000 events held in this city. 



Monterey has one of the West Coast’s original beaches attracting all the sunseekers with California vibes. The Monterey Beach has glorifying history of attracting tourists from early 1700s. These beaches have dramatic panoramas of Big Sur coastline to fairytale Cottages. This place is for all the elite travelers who want to enjoy and relax from their rigorous schedule and play a little golf and are into sea food. This area is ideal for road trip or a romantic getaway. This is the only place for year-round whale watching and is naturally abundant with nature, landscape and beauty.  


So, these were the best beaches in the USA, we have curated every single detail about these places for you. For the coming vacations of all the beach lovers out there, all you got to do is choose a destination you are visiting next and leave all the rest reservations to us! Contact us get your travel packages ready by industries best travel experts at Masarwings.

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