Top Adventure Travel Destinations Global

Exploring far stretched places, plunging yourself in diverse cultures and setting out of your comfort zone on a life altering trip. From hiking to Machu Picchu to traverse some appalling turns along with the elevated pacific coast highway. Adventures in unfamiliar locales offer the deepest experience that shapes your perspective around the globe and for yourself too.

Besides, adventures are good, they say a lot about a person. How we interact, how we handle life, and what kind of adventures we pick for attaining that “NIRVANA”. Adventures keep us moving and nobody likes to stay stagnant. Living a life outside that 9 to 5 window is what life should be all about. Here we have picked out some adrenaline rushing spots for you. And by the end of this blog, we are sure that you will end up picking your first destination too! .


List Of Top Adventure Travel Destinations Global:-


  • Our first pick will be New Zealand as it is called the adventure capital for many obvious reasons. Being the land of adventures, here you can tick off most of your bucket lists. The perk of picking New Zealand as your adventure spot is that you will return back with many experiences.  It’s like seven countries in one neat little package. You've got beautiful weather here during summer months. Then, in winter, all the snow bums roll in for the powder season. A year-long travel adventure backpacking epicentre!
    And other than that, you have other adventurous activities to do. It’s mega-famous for bungy jumping, ziplining, or you can book a skydiving tour. Honestly, it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world to do it.
    Oh, and if you get bored, beautiful,mesmerising Wanaka is about an hour’s drive away and it is way better!

  • The next adventure spot is Costa Rica, it is claimed to be the birthplace of the zipline and one of the missable adventure sports. Backpacking in Costa Rica will be a dream spot for adventure seekers as it offers you jungles, beaches and even volcanoes. The nature of Costa Rica is the reason why this place still remains as one of the worlds adventure spots for the travellers all along. Its natural magnetism to travellers and expats alike has made Costa Rica both a fantastic and varied place to travel. 

          What’s the trade-off? It is the  birthplace of the zipline, remember?

  • The adventure travel mecca USA has a lot in it to be in the spot of an adventure destination. The big, bold, and beautiful US of A is chock full of adventurous places to visit. Now let's explore what all you can do while you're visiting the USA as it has canyons, mountains, coast, great lakes, rivers, prairies… and a lot more than this.

    - Moab (Utah) takes the top pick as one of the best places for an adventure vacation in the USA. It is the go-to for mountain biking with courses ranging from the beginner all the way up to the “I might die’. You’ll also find heaps of sweet rafting, ATV driving, horseback riding. It's a thrill seeker’s desert playground!

    - Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming) has hiking and hot springs. That’s a breeze! Any place that has hot springs is going to make for a top trip.

    - Colorado: home of the Rocky Mountains! What do you get there?I just told you – the Rocky Mountains! Hikes, rock climbing, and legal buds; it may just be heaven-on-earth.

    - Yosemite National Park, California: is the impossible-to-not-mention choice. The undoubted king of the USA’s national parks.

  • If you head in the other direction from Central America you get to travel to South America and there you have Argentina. There are a lot of straight-up destinations for adventure trips,  But Argentina has Patagonia. And I’m all about those harsh, sparsely populated wildernesses. This idea for adventure travel is not for the fainthearted –basically you’re heading into challenging terrain. If you look at a map of Argentina. You’re nearly at the bottom of the world. But the whole point is about being challenging and adventurous, right? 
    Argentina is so big and so damn gorgeous that it’s picking up steam as one of the best places for adventure travel in a van. The northernmost point to the southernmost point of the land at the end of the world… Now that’s a journey idea!

  • Since we’re talking about vast, harsh, sparsely populated wildernesses, we should talk about Canada. It’s mega pretty. What kind of extreme adventure vacations can you get up to in Canada? Well, that depends on how extreme you’re willing to go.
    For something fun but with a low chance of death, there’s skiing and snowboarding. Hit the slopes and then get all the perks of a ski-town: loud parties and hordes of drunk Australians and if not that, how about ice-climbing UP A FROZEN WATERFALL! How’s that for an extreme adventure vacation?

  •  Let’s make a shift over to Africa now, to Zimbabwe. We’re talking about Victoria Falls. Oh, the falls? They’re drop-dead breathtakingly ‘aesthetically’ gorgeous. Absolutely stunning. Victoria Falls has built itself up as the best adventure holiday destination in Africa. You’ll find a huge scope of adventure activities in Victoria Falls including bungee-jumping, gorge-swinging, flying foxes, rapid rafting, and cage diving with crocodiles. Diving with crocs, it’s a madcap’s paradise!

  • One would think that the only thing to do in Nepal is trek in the Himalayas. While the biggest attractions are treks to Mount Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Circuit there are so many more adventures in Nepal to be seen and experienced! 
    Even travelling through the country is exciting. The flight to Lukla is considered one of the scariest in the world making for thrills and spills in mid-air. Head out to Pokhara and try Paragliding over the valley below. There is awesome mountain biking and cycling trips are gaining speed all over the country.

  • And you thought the only thing to do in Peru was to go to Machu Picchu! That couldn’t be farther from the truth. While the ruins are spectacular, Peru offers some of the most exciting adventure travel in the world. It starts with a trek on the Inca Trail and Sacred Valley, but the adventures continue with Paragliding over MiraFlores in Lima and surfing off the coast. And if you want to try dry lands, you can try sandboarding in Huacachina.

  • Yes, you can do adventure travel in Antarctica. Yes, it is more expensive than anything else on this list and no you can’t go unguided unless you break away from your tour group. Most Antarctica tours involve a cruise and will take you to the parts of the continent – usually, the Antarctic peninsula. Some of them will also take you to the Falkland Islands which are mesmerising. Either way, you can expect a lot of wildlife watching as well as some adventure activities alongside such as kayaking, scuba diving, and paddle-boarding and the good part of all these activities is that they are related to cold-water. 

Above mentioned are the top destinations that you can try while you’re at it. From spine chilling underwater activities to trilling terrestrial activities. Here you will experience every bit of your vacation.