Things To Do In New York

Even if you went to New York before the city will have something new to everyone that visit this amazing place. Experience the wild energy of this city in your bones and let the magic flow in your body. Here in this article, we have not mentioned just the places you should visit but the experiences you should not miss while you are here. The experiences that will stay forever with you, you can thank later!  


Take the Best Skydiving Experiences at iFly Westchester 

What can be better than taking the feel of skydiving without spending many dollars and not taking all the risk of losing your precious life. Many people take it as the warm up and it is said by people who have experienced both of them that is quite similar to feel. The iFly Westchester has a very original set up to fly in the sky like a free bird. Take your New York trip to next level and experience the adrenaline rush in your body of skydiving in the vertical wind tunnel. The participants will be given suitable training before they experience this gem! 


Soothe Your Mind, Body and Soul at AIRE Ancient Baths 

Who doesn’t want a soothing experience in our hectic schedule! There is nothing better than a massage and a relaxing bath. The AIRE bath holds a unique place which is inspired by the Greek culture. This place has something like jacuzzies or small pools and have a lot of options to choose from argon oil massage with relaxing bath that is available for single slots or even couples to their USP which is a wine bath just imagine you and your partner having massage and then soaking yourself in a tub full of wine! This place also provides signature ancient thermal baths that is very good for your mind and body. So, we would advise our customers to take some time from your itinerry for this one, and thank us later. 


Sunsets At the Unique Vantage Point 

Many things in life can wait, but the sunsets won’t, watch it. We think one should not take too long to catch a sunset. A sunset can never go wrong it will be fun with friends, romantic with your partner and peaceful when you are alone so it's always a good idea. While you are in New York you will always see the world-famous skyscrapers and what would be more different than a soothing sunset all along with a bigger skyline. Some of the best spots for watching a sunset in NYC would be The High line, Rockefeller Centre, North Cove Battery Park and obviously Brooklyn bridge. 


Fun Acts at New York Famous Night Clubs 

New York’s nightlife is said to be one of best in the World. But the clubs in the city are much more than any other clubs in the world. New York is full of high spirits in the swings. The clubs at New York are usually theme based, some of them are circus based, some are astrology based whereas some are space centric. Most of the clubs are underground and are retro plus western with gothic style bars and sitting. The offices may or may not follow a dress code but clubs are very serious about giving their customers no freedom of Casuality here. You will see professionals showcasing their talents whether its singing, dancing or magic. Some of the clubs are children friendly, others have strictly adult permissions only. The clubs are usually open from 10pm to 4am every day. The voted best clubs in NYC are Avant Gardner, House of Yes, Bossa Nova Civic Club, Electric Room and The Box.  


Once in a While Indulge in Immersive Circus-Based Theater Performance- Moonrise  

The Moonrise theatre is a whole new exerience for every time you visit it. It has the stories that you can never relive at another place. This is a very different concept where you will see alluring stories by moon goddesses that would be depicted in here. The visitors here can experience circus acts-based on multisensory interactive installations depicting 13 mythological moon goddesses. The place has all the perfect Aerial acts that will blow your mind. Even if this is not a place that will interest some of you but it will surely do ignite some people who have an eye for good, new, wonderful experiences.  


Take a Hop-in Hop Out Bus Ride to Get into the Real Life of New Yorkers 

Hiring a cab and roam drag yourself into comfort is good but traveling in a public transport will keep you grounded with the real culture of this place. Meeting the locals is what this bus will make you do. We would suggest our travelers to book a city tour where you will be able to see all the major landmarks of this city in a few hours and that too in very less expenditure. It is advised to sit on the upper deck to get the better view of the city. Exploring the city at your own pace is always a better idea but getting a local guide where you can know better places to the interior of New York City is a breathtaking experience.  


Taste Some of the World’s Most Unique Cocktails at Attaboy Star  

Attaboy is a bar with a very strong character and is mentioned in World’s Best Bars. Unlike the usual bars in the city, the vibe of this place hits different because this is a place where you will get the most unique cocktails in world. Attaboy is the focal point of innovation of newest cocktails and exotic flavors on the planet. Usually, the clubs have some nights that are packed and have good crowd and fun activities but this crazy place has it going all year!  


Get a Tattoo at Bang-Bang  

A celebrity tattoo studio that has projected their artwork on Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Salena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Adele and many more. This is a paradise and is not a regular tattoo studio. The tattoo artist K.S. McCurry has a lot of national and international awards for his art and BANG-BANG has tattoo artists that are specialist in their type of tattoos like one liner, comic cartoonists or edgy portraits and facial features. Even if you don’t want to get a tattoo you should probably go there and evidence their tattoo making skills in person. There is no lag here you name it and they have in on your body with additional functions.  

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