Top 5 Destinations To Visit In 2022 Inspired From Favorite TV Shows

Like fashion fad, people don’t believe in permanence but keep looking for new things in life to their infinite desires. Traveling is one thing that really contends people and they look to engross more into the places inspired by their favourite TV shows. Travel to tv shows inspired top destinations to visit in 2022, visit Northern Ireland where HBO hit show Game of Thrones shooting takes place, or South Korean Capital Seoul, where the Netflix hit show squid game, was shooted or the Bahamas city where bachelor series was shot. 

These are the locations folk want to experience once in a life and take greater joy if they can leave their footprints besides their favourite stars. For your travel soul, we have listed the top 5 destinations to visit in 2022, inspired by your favourite TV shows.

Northern Ireland

A part of England jurisdiction, it is a must-visit place for Game of Thrones fans. Serenic mountaintops and budging greenery covered in a blanket of vibrancy & hospitality truly mesmerise travellers around the world. Magnificent backdrop scenes were taken throughout the country and Belfast titanic studio undertook mainly for indoor shooting, both were significant parts of the Game of Thrones. You’ll appreciate the remarkable tree tunnel used in GOT season two and it is a treat to visit that tunnel. 

Around 25 places around Northern Ireland were used including Inch Abbey, Downhill Strand, CastleWard, Murlough Bay, Antrim, and much more. Winterfall was set up in Castle Ward, Robb sarks camp took place there and so did the scene where Brienne confronts the Stark men. You can visit the Tollymore Forest Park where dire wolf pups and nightwalkers were held in Winterfall. 


The Popular Korean hit show Squid Game only shows a proportion of Seoul and there is far more to it than what is shown. Bustling Baekwoon Market in northern Seoul is a good place to start your exploration, then there is fashionable Gangnam instinct south of the Han River. 

To truly feel the ethos and vibrance of South Korea, visit Changdeokgung palace, a mountaintop of venue, and the towering hilly landscape. And lastly, go and explore Seoul’s modern-day architectural buildings which is considered the hub of modern-day architectural buildings. It also has 5 UNESCO heritage sites and comes as one of the most visited places in Seoul. 

Plus, travelers can delight themselves in 115 museums housed there and the National Museum of Korea is the main attraction of all of them. Around October month, Seoul hosts some of the major international music festivals including Radio Song festivals and ABU TV, passengers can rejoice with the transcontinental music.


Handloom of national heritage, Madrid speaks of liveliness and national heritage. The Spanish capital was an excellent backdrop for the shooting of Money Heist but so even more for travelling expeditions. Start your bondage with the landmark places such as the Spanish National Research Council, Plaza de Callao, and Museo del Prado. Madrid being the most populous city of Spain exhibits exuberance and glitz blitz that a traveller is looking into the voyage.

It is home to top world-famous clubs – Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid and Bernabeu new stadium will light up Madrid tourism. Be sure to visit landmark places such as the Plaza Mayor, the Royal Palace of Madrid, and the Royal Theatre. Thrive at the sight of some of the top European museums and art galleries like Golden Triangle of Art, Prado Museum, the Reina Sofia Museum, and the Thyssen Bornemisza Museum. For those who prefer nightlife, Madrid has a brisk and active nightlife housing some of Europe’s top bustling locations.


The capital city of Japan, Tokyo is the site where some of the finest Hollywood movies have taken place. The Wolverine, Inception, Tokyo Drift, Lost in translation, You Only Live Twice and much more, Tokyo has always been centered around art, museums, and the entertainment industry. Start with Shinjuku, the business and entertainment area of Tokyo, you will at least need a day or two to fully explore the place. 

Just like the movie scene of “ Lost in Translation” where Charlotte has a late-night drink at the Park Hyatt Hotel. Go and relive that scene through your lens.

Hang out at the famous Shabu-Zen and hit air nightclub just like Bob and Charlotte in the wee hours. If you are a sports lover, then don’t miss out on Yomiuri Giants at Tokyo Dome and Tokyo Yakult Swallows at Meiji-Jingu Stadium. 

Having been plunged into ruins twice, Tokyo is a factory of urban and contemporary architecture. Travelers rarely miss out on the opportunity to visit.


Movie madders still can’t get over Sophie’s prospective fathers jumping into the sea singing Our Last Summer. Start your exploration with Sophie’s island of Kalokairi, then go on the Glysteri beach, there lie in a wooden beach bed surrounded by greenery and enjoy the spectacular coastline. Go revel in the history of Greece’s thousands of years old culture. Or take a dive into the ancient Greek sculpture art and visual arts of Greece including Pliny panel paintings. Greece has a lot to offer in terms of tourism, culture, arts & gallery houses.

Travel to the Chapel of Agios Ioannis Prodromos and relish the exuberance of the tiny wedding chapel. More so, visit the island of Skiathos if you are in the mood for a boat trip.

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