Cookies Policy

This section is providing the cookies policy of our website. These cookies are related to the details you enter while looking for a flight. We recommend our customers read the cookie policy before giving out any information which can be further stored by our website to make your experience better. We believe in transparency in our business and keeping you informed about the data we collect.

What is meant by cookies?

These are small text files that are stored in your browser when you visit our website. These cookies are saved in the memory of the device which you are using while you are on our website. The data stored in the form of cookies are then sent back to the server every time the browser requests a page. These text files help us to identify your device and provide you with the information you have already consumed on our website to make it more user-friendly.

Types of cookies .

Our website uses five types of cookies:

» 1st party cookies that are placed by our website and help us to get information about the users who are visiting the website. This information is never shared by anyone.

» 3rd party cookies belong to our business partners and service providers who are working with us for a better service to the users.

» Necessary cookies are the cookies that are necessary for functioning the website.

» Session cookies are used to remember you during your visit to our website. These are valid for one session and are deleted once you close the web browser.

» Persistent cookies are to enhance the user experience of our website as this is the information we collect regarding the user login credentials so that we can provide a better experience to the user when they visit next.

How to reject or delete cookies?

By visiting our website there are some set algorithms for cookies. So you can reject or allow cookies that will lead to irrelevant functions of the website’s privacy policy.

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