Privacy Policy

It is of utmost importance to go through the business policy of a company before using its products and services that are on offer. The transparent and lucid business policy of a company gives an idea about the deal between a customer and service provider thus curbing any imminent and unwanted discrepancy. We, masarwings, being one of the best travel portals, recommend you to go through our privacy policy. Your business with us is most valuable, which encourages you to use our website as per user guidelines. Following our guidelines and privacy policy will give you knowledge about how you can share your information in a secured manner to us. These policies will also help you understand your responsibilities as a user of our website. You are advised to have a look into the privacy policy and to agree with that. In case, you do not agree with any point mentioned below, you are requested to cease using our website. Otherwise, your usage of our website will be considered as your consent to our privacy policies.

Data Collection and Processing:

Our customers' data and information are fundamental elements that we process and compile to offer better products and services on our website. We promise to protect your information in compliance with our privacy guidelines. To better use your information and to maintain confidentiality, we restrict access to your personal information. Therefore, we allow only trained personnel to access and process your data. Any kind of breaching by those personnel attracts disciplinary actions against them. We collect your data when you visit our website and input basic information like name, date of birth, sex, etc. Your information is also grabbed when you register as a user on our website. We also collect some technical information regarding your IP address and computer.

How the information is used?

We use your contact details when we have some promotional offers. To keep you updated, we send texts and emails regarding the offers. Your data works as feedback, which we use in the development of new features to our products and services. It also helps us to personalize our products for you. We are bound not to reveal your information to any third party but in case any law enforcement agency directs us, we need to provide them with your data.

Cookies Policies:

We use cookies to allow our customers to access our website faster. You can transfer cookies to your machine when you register on our website and take advantage of several key features. A cookie is a string of data sent from the website that is saved on or temporarily in the memory of your computer i.e. its hard disk.

Modification in Policy:

We, from time to time, update the Privacy Policy as per market demand. And this change or modification takes place without any prior notice. Therefore, you are advised to keep updated with our policies by going through it before you use our website. We will not be held responsible for any default at your end.


The information that we collect about you individually is stored on restricted-access servers. We adhere to the rules and guidelines to protect and secure your data on these servers.

Price change as per Demand and Supply:

The price of our services or products largely depends upon the market trends. You might need to pay more or lesser than the price shown on the website.

Use of intellectual property:

Our website hosts quality content, images, logos, symbols and other sorts of intellectual property. Our website has a copyright on all of them. Therefore, you are advised not to reuse those properties and information for any commercial purpose. If your usage of these properties comes to our notice, you may have to end up compensating for the damage of our repute.

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